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The New Line of Barbie Dolls Dedicated for 2020 Summer Olympic Games

Kids who have been following the Olympic news are one of those who have the similar dreams in the sport world. the new line of Barbie dolls, themed around the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, is released on March 2020. for the Barbie dolls loves or the shoppers for the gifts, it is indeed good news since the event of Summer Olympic Games is fast approaching.

New Barbie Dolls Dedicated for 2020 Summer Olympic Games

In this case, the new line of Barbie dolls is coming to the market from Mattel. The manufacturer of the barbie dolls has confirmed that the series of the barbie dolls will come out to the market later on March. However, there is no confirmation yet which date is chosen by the manufacturers to release all of the dolls to the market.

But based on the infomration we attained from the insiders, the new line of barbie dolls will be based on chosen sports disciplines such as softball, skateboarding, sport climbing, karate, as well as surfing.

Each barbie doll in this series come out with the prevalent accessories that really emphasize their specialties. For instance, the skateboarder barbie doll will come with the pink helmet, the board, as well as wrist and knee guards for safety. And all of these accessories are already included in the package. So, for parents, you can give your special girl such wonderful gift without having to look for the accessories separately. Also, I recommend you to check on the Olympic Surfer Barbie Doll which wears the wetsuit and come with the surfboard.

The dolls are also coming with the exclusive jackets specifically designed for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. these dolls come with the gold plastic medals on a ribbon. The customizable freedom allows the kids to play with their imagination and let their dolls to be the best in the sport category. They can also use the medals to celebrate their dolls accomplishment. It is also a great way to build a great world for your kids. While their parents are busy following the trends of the summer Olympic, the kids are preoccupied with their new toys.

The other sports celebrated in the new line of the barbie dolls are the karate, surfing, sport climbing, as well as skateboarding. Keep in mind that these sports will make their debut in the 2020 Tokyo Games.

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The brand of Barbie will also partner with the popular Olympic athletes like skateboarder Lizzie Armanto and rock climber Kyra Condie in March. The event name is Barbie You Can Be Anything Festival. The keynote speakers will talk to the audiences. The organizers will hold the workshops where all the participants can get inspired to achieve their personal goals.

The Volunteer Training Postponed Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

The sad news coming from the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The organizers have decided to postpone the volunteer training due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

volunteer training postponed for coronavirus

Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers postponed the volunteers army because of the coronavirus outbreak. However, it is important to know that it is not indicating that the Games were cancelled. Tokyo 2020 organizers stated that the action was taken to prevent the spread of the infection of the coronavirus. Therefore, they have made the important decision to postpone the training.

However, the organizers do not intend to cancel their contribution. Instead, they will inform the volunteers about the information of rescheduled dates and make the party rest assured that this would not have a significant impact on the upcoming Olympics events which will happen on the 24th of July this year.

Meanwhile, the organizers will assess the possibilities of the games in the Olympics on a case by case basis. They also added that they will be using such preventative measurements to prevent the outbreak from affecting all of the parties involved in the Olympic games. There is no question of cancelling the Tokyo 2020 despite the fear spread over the coronavirus news. It seems that the true fans of the Olympics do not want this situation to turn around the table.

From the moment of the coronavirus outbreak, there have been around 100 coronavirus cases in Japan with three deaths in total. Also, there are more than 600 positive cases located in the cruise ship in Yokohama.

The Tokyo 2020 officials have been pretty strict about the types of events happening in Japan. The Tokyo Government Yuriko Koike announced that she would postpone or cancel the events involving foods in the Tokyo. That means the food caterers activities will be stopped for a moment until there’s good news from the health institutions in Japan.

Many parties have spotted this situation from around the world. Shaun Bailey, a candidate in Londo’s mayoral election has stepped forward to offer as the new host to replace the Tokyo 2020 if needed. However, Koike emphasized that there was no need to conclude at that point because the situation is not reaching that stage yet. However, one can expect that there could be any change in the game schedules. If you are planning to go to Tokyo, you will want to make sure that your schedules are on the right path. Keep updating yourself with the most recent useful information to prevent missing from happening.

What countries are participating in the 2020 Olympics?

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games will be massive and hype. The biggest game on earth will involve a lot of countries as the participants of the event. This big event is a great excuse and reason for many people around the world to reunite with their old friends or fellow sports fans to enjoy the spectacular moments together. Many people find their new foreign friends from this event. If you are one of them, then you will want to know if your country is also a participant of the event.

2020 Summer Olympic

There will be 206 countries participants in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. So, there is a great chance that you are able to see your country member participates in the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

All of these participating countries will send their delegations to join with the Parade of Nations in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. Not to mention that the athletes and officials of each participating country will join the marching in the Olympic Stadium with their flag and bearer. Each flag bearer is appointed by the nation’s National Olympic Committee. So, only the qualified athletes and lucky people who are able to join with the Parade of Nations in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

In the Parade of Nation segment, the athletes will enter the stadium. They will conduct the activity based on the authentic Olympic tradition which has been conducted for centuries. Then as expected, the Greek team will advance first. There is a sensible reason why the Greek team enters the field first. It is the country which originates the Olympics event.

Then the other teams will follow entering after the Greek Team. They enter based on the alphabetical order of the names of the countries. Only this time, the announcer will announce their name in Japanese and English Language. Also, following the Olympic tradition, the delegation from the host nation will enter the last. If your favorite country is Japan’s team, then you just need to be patient.

The committee has ordered the appearances by the country name, flag bearer’s name, as well as flag bearer’s sport.

This event will also be the first time for Japan to host the Olympic Games after fifty six years being an away team. Back then in 64, the Olympic Games drastically changed the country. There have been more and more people who want to be in Japan Olympic team to compete.

Since it does not happen often, the organizers in Japan really take this seriously. The organizers are going to use the competition venues as much as possible. You will be able to see the significant amount of venues being used by the organizers in order to make the great event smoothly and well.

All of these participating countries teams will flock to Tokyo in July 2020. If you are planning to attend the venue, make sure you have booked your tickets to reserve your spot. Tag along your entourage to watch the spectacular moments together with you.

2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Everything You Need to Know

2020 Olympics is few months away. But it has never been too early to discuss the upcoming event opening ceremony as it is one of the most pivotal aspects in the event entirely. Here are everything you need to know about the 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony

The when and the where

The 2020 Olympics will officially start with the opening ceremony that happens on July 24th. However, you can watch the actions from the preliminary softball and soccer matches that will take place on July 22. The event will happen in Japan, specifically across nine prefectures, which is the majority taking place in the areas of Tokyo. So, it is not surprising that Tokyo is going to be crowded in the future. So, make sure you book your flights and hotels, or travel packages right now to reserve your opportunities to watch the Olympic at the venue.

The new sports

This year’s Olympics will be different from the previous editions. The officials have confirmed that there will be five new sports to be joining with amongst the disciplines. These sports are skateboards, sports climbing, surfing, baseball, softball, as well as Karate. For your information, baseball, softball and karate are coming from Japan. Then there are also sports which are balanced by the officials these sports are canoeing, kayaking, boxing, as well as fencing.

The Tickets

Nowadays, more tickets are available for purchase for those who are living outside Japan, including the US, Australia, Europe, as well as Middle East countries. In less than half a year, we are going to see the most spectacular sports event on earth. And for those who plan to attend the venue to root for their country team, make sure to book your seats now since the tickets have been running on sold so quickly.

The lottery system is not available since it was closed a few months ago. But if you are an overseas audience, you could focus your search toward the authorized Ticket Resellers.

For instance, you could pick your tickets from CoSport if you are purchasing in the US. The available tickets have been available since January 16. You will also get the chance to purchase tickets from the authorize resellers as well. The prices might be different from one provider to another. You will want to compare what they offer first then proceed with the tickets with the sensible budget.

The tickets might get capped from their original prices as the event is getting near. Therefore, there is no reason to postpone your purchase anymore before the prices keep increasing.

Attendees are not allowed to post photos and videos over their social media?

There have been arguments about what we should do as the attendees of the venues in Japan. The organizers clearly stated that sharing the photos or videos events for commercial purposes are violating the rules. So, if you post the photos of the Olympic events to your social media, as long as you don’t do it for commercial purposes, you should be safe. The committee will claim copyright over photos taken by the ticket holders. But it will not prevent the internet users to upload photos to their social media.

The time of opening ceremony

Keep in mind that the opening ceremony time is based on the Japan Standard Time or JST.

It will happen on Friday, 24 July. The Opening Ceremony will start from 20:00 and finish at 23:00. The venue of this opening ceremony and closing ceremony is at New National Stadium (multi-purpose stadium in Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan).

What the opening ceremony on TV

If you happen to be in your couch when the event comes, you could just tune in your TV and follow the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2020 right from your spot.

You could tune in the NBC channel. NBC representative has confirmed that they will dedicate their channel to broadcast the entire event of the Opening Ceremony as well as the Olympics games 24/7. From its official site, you will be able to stream online if you want to.

However, when you tune in the NBC channel, you will want to make sure that you have converted your time. Tokyo is sixteen hours ahead of the West Coast. Google and you can easily find the time zone converter. Tuning into your favorite channel at the right time will ensure you watch the event without missing a single important moment.

The 2020 Olympics will be big. There will be a lot of fantastic moments that you will regret to miss. So, reserve your option now to watch it from the opening ceremony to the end.

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics: Dates, Mascot, Location and TV rights

Tokyo 2020 is still a year away, but we have been feeling the hype for months now. The upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics is officially entitled as the Games of XXXII Olympiad, also known as Tokyo 2020. It is a next international multi-sport event which will take place from July 24 to August 9, 2020, in Tokyo Japan.

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

2020 Summer Olympics Details, location and date

As mentioned, it will happen from July 24 to August 9, 2020, in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo came as the host city back then during the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires on September 7, 2013. The games will be the mark of returning Summer Olympics to Tokyo for the first time after 1964.

It will also mark the record that Tokyo is the first city in Asia which hosts the Olympic twice. In total, there are four Olympics held in Japan.

Folks will want to see the introduction to several disciplines newly added to the Summer Olympics sports. There will be some sports that we have never seen before in any Olympic event. They are the Madison Cycling, freestyle BMS, 3 x 3 basketball, and many more. The addition of the sports disciplines to the upcoming Olympic is the first initiation to make them as the permanent programs in Olympic events. Then there will be some sports that make the official debut like the karate, climbing, surfing, as well as skateboarding. Then there will be the returning event of Baseball and softball. For your information, both sports were leaving the Olympics after 2008.

The IOC Executive Board approved the official programme for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics back then on June 9, 2017. Thomas Bach, the president of the IOC, stated that the primary goal of Tokyo Games was to make the participants and all the people involved look more youthful and urban. They also wanted to increase more female participants.

In total, there will be around 339 events in the 33 different sports, revolving approximately 50 disciplines. There will be fifteen new events with exciting games. If you are avid fans of the sport, you will not want to miss these events from your radar.

2020 Olympics Mascots

2020 Olympics Mascots

The officials have revealed the mascots for the upcoming Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. The official mascots for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics were unveiled not too long ago in downtown Tokyo on Sunday.

The name of the mascot is Mirai Towa. Meanwhile, the mascot for the Paralympic is namely Someity.

There is a meaning behind the word “Miraitowa.” It is the combination of the Japanese words for the future and eternity. In the other side, Someity has a different meaning. It is the special word which comes from popular cherry blossom “Somei Yoshino.” and it also has the phonetic character of the English phrase “so mighty.”

Schoolchildren across Japan were participating in the mascots designs votes. They have contributed to the decision of picking the new mascots for the upcoming event. The two mascot designs are friends for everyone. There were around five million children who participated in the voting of the mascots. So, it is not exaggerating to say that this Olympics will be for everyone.

The officials claimed that the pair of mascots is the perfect combination of the custom, tradition, and innovation. Be prepared since you will get excited when seeing these mascots actualize the images of the Tokyo Olympics from July to August months. Both characters will be the best images for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics TV Rights

Just like the other fantastic big sporting event, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be available on the TV across the world. Besides the officials from Japan, there will be numerous international broadcasters involved in the party. Olympic Broadcasting services will also produce the world the content to the local broadcasters for their coverage.

Most of the broadcasters have obtained the rights to further games in the future as well. For instance, in Europe, the IOC’s has been launching an exclusive deal with Discovery Communications. The 2020 Games rights are available in almost all the European countries, except France because of the existing rights deals. The other country which is not getting power in Russia. Here is a list of TV channels per country.

  • Armenia: APMTV
  • Asia: Dentsu
  • Australia: Seven Network
  • Austria: ORF
  • Belarus: Belteleradio
  • Belgium: VRT
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: BHRT
  • Brazil: Grupo Globo
  • Bulgaria: BNT
  • Canada: CBC/Radio-Canada Sportsnet TSN TLN
  • Caribbean: International Media Content Ltd. SportsMax
  • China: CCTV
  • Croatia: HRT
  • Czech Republic: ČT
  • Denmark: DR
  • Estonia: Eesti Meedia
  • Europe: Discovery Communications Eurosport
  • Finland: Yle
  • France: France Télévisions Canal+
  • Georgia: GPB
  • Germany: ARD ZDF
  • Greece: ERT
  • Hungary: MTVA
  • Iceland: RÚV
  • Indian subcontinent: Sony Pictures Networks
  • Ireland: RTÉ
  • Japan: Japan Consortium
  • Kosovo: RTK
  • Latin America: América Móvil
  • Latvia: LTV
  • Lithuania: TV3
  • Luxembourg: RTL
  • Macedonia: MRT
  • MENA: beIN Sports
  • Montenegro: RTCG
  • Netherlands: NOS
  • New Zealand: Sky Television
  • North Korea: SBS
  • Norway: TVNorge
  • Oceania[iii]: Sky Television
  • Poland: TVP
  • Portugal: RTP
  • Romania: TVR
  • Singapore: Mediacorp
  • Slovakia: RTVS
  • Slovenia: RTV
  • South Africa: SABC SuperSport
  • South Korea: SBS
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Kwesé Sports
  • Sweden: Kanal 5
  • Switzerland: SRG SSR
  • Ukraine UA: PBC
  • United Kingdom: BBC/Eurosport
  • United States: NBCUniversal

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