Olympics Boxing Schedule 2020, start time, TV guide

The 2020 Olympics is one of the largest sporting events in the world. This big event brings together so many athletes from a variety of sports, disciplines, and countries. This match is a sports festival and global achievement. Some amateur boxers who had the intention of appearing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics were finally relieved. Their preparations up to now have not been useless because the International Olympic Committee (IOC) failed to cross out the branch of boxing from the four-yearly big arena.

Olympics Boxing Schedule 2020

The 2020 Boxing Olympics will be held at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, July 25-August 9, 2020. Olympic boxing matches 8 male classes and 5 female classes. The total number of participants expected to attend from 76 countries is 286. There is a significant addition to the women’s camp. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, there were only 36 female participants, in Tokyo 2020 becoming 100 boxers. In contrast, in the men’s camp, the number of classes was reduced from 10 to 8, while girls from 3 classes became 5 classes. The IOC has prioritized gender equality at the 2020 Olympics. Only, in the last two Olympics, the number of medals contested in boxing has not been fair, which is 10 classes for the male category and 3 classes for the female.

The division of boxing for men and women is as follows:

  1. Men: Fly (48-52kg), Feather (52-57kg), Light (57-63kg), Welter (63-69kg), Middle (69-75kg), Light Heavy (75-81kg), Heavy (81 -91kg), and Super Heavy (+ 91kg)
  2. Women: Fly (48-51kg), Feather (54-57kg), Light (57-60kg), Welter (64-69kg), and Middle (69-75kg)

The Olympic Boxing Games for men and women will take place in three rounds, each with three minutes. Five judges will be supervising every match on the side of the ring. Judges are tasked with watching the fight and individually giving points for what they consider to be a successful hit. The referee can end the match if there is a fight that exceeds the limit so the match cannot be continued, or if the doctor decides the match must be stopped.

This boxing match can also end if the competitor receives three warnings or if the competitor cannot continue the fight within ten seconds, in this case, KO. For the qualification round, participants are divided into four tournaments on four continents. Tournaments were held in China, Senegal, Argentina, and England. The qualification round runs from February to April 2020. The Asia-Oceania qualification round. This round is supposed to be held in Wuhan, China.

However, this event was canceled related to CoronaVirus. The Asia-Oceania Continental qualification was finally transferred to Amman, Jordan.

The IOC will try new regulations related to the assessment rules at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. It aims to rebuild trust after the scandal at the world’s most prestigious four-year Games. The new system to be implemented is that the jury will make judgments on the screen that can be seen by the public. Also, the IOC also stated that none of the referees and judges of the 2016 Olympics will participate in this year’s Olympics. In the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this time, the IOC has the duty to ensure that the event can be completed as planned by prioritizing transparent, credible, and fair assessments.


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